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Claim Report

FITI Institution is open for any dissatisfaction and inconvenience from our customers. FITI will review the claims and try our best to respond back to you either via phone or email. Your personal information is protected and secured but may be deleted if entered wrongfully and/or incorrectly.

1. Purpose of collecting/using personal information
FITI Testing & Research Institute utilizes collected personal information for following purposes:
  1. 1) Calculating fees for proceeding contract terms for test/inspection and providing services
    1. -For providing information such as application for FITI test/inspection, adjustment, result delivery, member subscription, FAQ for services and its related procedures, informational provisions via SMS and FAX and so on
    2. -For fee payment and calculation such as paying fees, issuing invoices, applying for electronic tax invoice, collecting fee and so on
  2. 2) For personal identifications, prevention of unauthorized use, confirmation on subscription, limitations on subscription, the number of subscription, age verification, customer services, notification and so on
  3. 3) For marketing advertisement
    • – FITI news and new business opportunities, service provision and advertisement posts by demographics, verification of visit frequencies, statistics on service usage by the members, commercial information on events and survey, and so on
2. Fields of personal information to be collected
1) Items to be collected
  • - Name of applicant, phone number, Fax number, address, email address, member ID, PWD and so on
  • - Name of the legal representative, phone number, FAX number, address and so on
  • - Name of the fee payer, postal address for issuing invoices, phone number, FAX number, email address and so on
  • - Information created from using the services: service usage record, visit log, cookie, visiting IP information, payment history and so on
3. Holding and using time of personal information
FITI Testing & Research Institute shall immediately discard the information after completion of collection and accomplishing its purpose of utilizing such information.
4. Users’ right to refuse to agree on collecting personal information and related consequences
Users have the right to refuse such collection activity but there will be some limitations on using the services.


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