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In order to meet test needs on various industrial materials and parts applied on overall industrial fields, FITI Testing & Research Institute is providing analysis and evaluation services on the fields related to core industries such as automotive, civil/construction materials, electric/electronic materials, safety equipment used in sea and water and the materials like industrial textiles, plastics, metals, rubbers and more. In addition, we are trying to be an expertise in testing evaluation by providing an integrated solution on performance certification, consulting, field examinations and acting as a research agent in order to meet various needs of customers.
  1. 01 Automotive
  2. 02 Civil and construction materials
  3. 03 Road safety installations
  4. 04 Filters
  5. 05 Field sports facilities
  6. 06 Safety equipment in the sea and water
  7. 07 Electric and electronic materials
  8. 08 Other industrial materials and parts