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Welcome to the official website of FITI Testing & Research Institute.

For over 50 years since its foundation in 1965, FITI Institution has been trying to achieve the value of for our sustainable future and continuing its role as a globally integrated testing and authentication institution by providing the best solution for both quality and safety of products.
The First KOLAS Approved International Testing Institution + Integrated Test and Authentication Institution + Global FITI

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Since 1965, FITI has been the fastest growing thirdparty lab with state of the art equipment that provide testing, inspection,audit, and certification services with the most advanced technologies andskills to ensure the highest quality to our clients. Our aim is to protectconsumers as well as the integrity of our clients and their products by providingefficient and accurate services with speed, satisfaction, and sustainability

The First KOLAS Approved International Testing Institution

First KOLAS approved institution with over 50 years of experience.

Integrated Test and Authentication Institution

With advanced testing and verification equipment along with highly trained and experienced staff members and technicians, FITI Institution specializes in the following industries:  Fashion, consumables, environmental elements (water, air, and soil), industrial parts (automotive, construction, electric/electronic materials), and many others. FITI institution also verifies, authenticates, and provides products with an integrated solution including supervision, education, consulting and research & development.

Global FITI

FITI Institution has established a number of overseas offices and regional account teams & affiliate labs for co-operational activities to provide first class test & authentication services worldwide.

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Head of FITI Testing & Research Institute
Jun, Je Goo