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FITI Testing & Research Institute will be with you
as your reliable business partner

We will do our best to ‘take a leap forward to become World’s Best Global Institute’ providing our clients with comprehensive QA/QC services by focusing on customer satisfaction and implementing FITI’s Core Strategy.

FITI Strategy

  • Future (Secure Sustainable Growth)
  • Innovation (Continuous Innovation)
  • Together (Grow Together with Customers)
  • Integrity (Ethical Oversight & ESG Management)
President of FITI Testing & Research Institute Hwayoung Kim
Welcome to FITI’s Official Website.

The Effort to Achieve Organization Values and Objectives

Since established in 1965, FITI has been driven to achieve the company mission ‘contributing to a more sustainable future’ and ‘improving customer satisfaction with technical innovation and providing best QA/QC solution to be the most trusted partner in the world’.

Specializing Quality, Safety, and Environment QA/QC with the title of 'The 1st KOLAS accredited Laboratory'

FITI, recognized as the 1st testing laboratory to be accredited by KOLAS, supports and provides our clients with innovative solutions to achieve product quality enhancement, safety, sustainability hence takes a role to help customer's global expansion and contributes to economic growth as well.

Integrated TIC Institution for Textile, Consumer Goods, Industrial, Environmental and Bio Industries

FITI has been delivering the world’s best QA/QC services and innovative solutions with highly advanced facilities and technical expertise in fields of:
  • Textile and Apparel (Fashion, Protective/Technical wears, etc.)
  • Consumer Goods (House ware, Children’s products, Furniture, Packaging Materials, etc.)
  • Industrial & Infrastructure (Automotive, Industrial, Building Products, School Track/Fields & Playgrounds, Electrical Components, etc.)
  • Bio / Environmental (Water/Air Purity, Air Pollutants, Soil, Cosmetics, General Chemical Products, etc.)

FITI Global Service Network

In order to provide specialized solutions through global market, FITI has established a global network with 11 overseas subsidiaries and offices in United States, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. FITI also has strengthen business cooperation with global TIC company and has been supporting our global customers with advanced TIC services could be acknowledged in the global market.

Customer Satisfaction, FITI’s Mission & Strategy

IIn order to lead rapidly changing trends and social needs including but not limited to digital transformation, carbon-neutral and ESG management, FITI will continue to remain agile to adapt and work closely with our clients to address and support with the critical challenges they face in the upcoming areas of digital storage, mobility, and electromagnetic wave. FITI is putting our customers at the heart of everything we do and continue to evolve to become World Best QA/QC service provider by implementing FITI’s Core Strategy (Future, Innovation, Together, Integrity). FITI always look forward to assisting your company as a dedicated QA/QC service provider for many years to come. Thank You.