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Test Application Procedure

FITI Institution accepts the applications via direct application by visit or postal/logistics delivery.
Please refer to following procedures for Test Registration:
  • * Request may be made either by direct visit or test sample delivery with
       Business Registration Certificate and Test Application Form.
  • * Inquiry can be made to the corresponding associate.
  • * Confirmation email notification is sent out once the test registration is completed.
02Fee Payment
  • * Testing will start once the fee is fully paid.
  • * How to pay: Cash, Credit cards, online remittance.
03Taking test
  • * Test status can be checked via browse option on website.
04Issuing test
  • * Once the test is completed, an email notification will be sent out to you.
  • * The test results certificate can be collected in person or delivered via email, FAX,
       post or logistics service.Please select appropriate option on the application form.
05Counseling for test results
  • * Inquiries on test result can be made to corresponding department and
       have counseling session via in person or via phone calls.