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Product Quality Certification

We are providing a quality certification service on the products manufactured by the companies with good qualities in their products to maintain their stable quality management on various products such as raw materials for textile, clothing, bedding, industrial materials and more. We are also running SF mark certification system approved by KOLAS for the stability and sanitary performance on processing materials and trying our very best to earn credibility of both products and companies from customers by providing various certifications systems such as cashmere product certification, Reliability R Mark certification (industrial material and convergence material), and ECO Mark certification related to stability of hazardous materials.
Certification - Consumer Goods Safety (KC)
Q Mark , SF (Sanitary Finished) mark , Cashmere Mark , Credibility R Mark , ECO Certification Mark
Q Mark Q Mark is product quality certification program in order to secure quality improvement of industrial goods and to protect consumers for manufacturers and sellers. Certified company could show their excellence to consumer as this certification program.
(Sanitary Finished)
SF Mark is FITI Institution’s unique certification program approved by KAS for sanitary process guarantee. This program applies to sanitary finished products treated with anti-biotic and anti-fungi by the companies that manufacture, process, import and sell such products.  
Cashmere Mark Certification is content assurance program for textile product manufacturer and retailer who produce and sale a product which made with Cashmere. FITI Institute distinguishes blending (Cashmere and animal fiber similar to Cashmere) and contents for clearness of material. As this program, Manufacture and retailer show their integrity to market and consumer.
Reliability R Mark This reliability certification is for reliability improvement and Potential risk control of civil constructions materials, road and traffic related and other industrial materials and convergence materials. This program includes certification, evaluation and consulting services on acceleration durability, reliability certification and evaluation, and durability prediction in order to minimize the future risk for manufacturers and construction companies.
ECO Certification Mark ECO Certification is FITI institute’s own program for Eco friendly products that contain no hazardous materials as standard of certification. Targeting companies for this certification are those that manufacture and/or retailer who handle industrial and other products.
GLOBALG.A.P GLOBALG.A.P. is the internationally recognized standard for farm production. The core product is the result of years of intensive research and collaboration with industry experts, producers and retailers around the globe.