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FITI Testing & Research Institute is the institution responsible for certifying KC Mark for the items related to the safety of consumer goods and performing safety certification and self-safety checking. In addition, as a designated product safety investigation agency, we are contributing to protect consumers by checking safety of goods in market via sampling tests.

We are providing a quality certification service on the products manufactured by the companies with good qualities in their products with being able to provide stable quality management on various products like raw materials for textile, clothing, bedding, industrial materials and more. We are also running SF mark certification system approved by KOLAS on the stability and sanitary processing performance of processing materials, and trying our very best to earn credibility of both products and companies from customers by providing various certifications systems such as cashmere product certification, Reliability R Mark certification (industrial material and convergence material) and ECO Mark certification related to stability of hazardous materials.
Details on certification contents and procedures
  1. 01 Special Act on safety management of children’s product (KC)
  2. 02 Consumer Goods Safety (KC)
  3. 03 Product Quality Certification
  4. 04 System Certification (Factory, Manufacturing, Management and Administration)
Industrial Categories for Certification Service

Textile and Fashion

Consumption Goods